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How do you determine the squad rankings? (Why isn’t it just winning %?)

TrueSkill™ is a ranking system developed at Microsoft Research that provides an algorithm we use for determining the relative strength between opponents. By factoring in the strength of matched opponents in addition to the outcome, the rankings reflect more than just wins and losses. It’s a more refined approach to determine how squads compare to one another.

How is the skill change calculated?

Using the math in this paper: "TrueSkill™: A Bayesian Skill Rating System" You can also learn more at this website:

Where are you getting this data?

We have a droid-bot logging in to the game and visiting all the squads. It records all the information it sees before moving on to the next squad.

Can you make an exception for me and add my wars manually?

No. This is a good thing, as we don’t have any control over war records and can’t manipulate them.

When does a war appear on the site?

It’s hard to give an exact time depending on how quickly we’re able to retrieve data from the system, but it’s meant to work fast and should rarely take more than a day, in extreme circustmances.

Why do we need 10 victories to be ranked?

Because the skill determination algorithm needs a minimum amount of data to generate a valid score. It’s using factors such as Mu (the mean or average) and Sigma (the standard deviation and square root of the variance) in it’s calculations. After 10 victories, the equation is much more reliable. It’s just getting enough data points so we can trust the output.

Why are squad war matches so unfair?

While we have no control over matching, we hope the matching data on this site helps squads who are looking to match one another. Aside from that, the product owners (Disney, now Zynga) control the game code. They sometimes purge long lists by matching them with squads well outside their strength and skill level.

What does "base strength" mean?

The base strength is an internal value that is used for matchmaking. It depends on the level of your HQ and SC (SquadCenter), turrets and traps. It is a much better indicator of the strength of a base than HQ level. Note that it’s based on structure upgrades, not troops.

What does "UL" mean?

Those are the uplinks captured on Sullust during squad war attacks. They work identically to the
stars system in PvP

How does the “Leagues” work?

GSoW now uses a league-based system for ranking. Squads will be divided in to leagues according to their combined base score (CBS). The leagues are aptly named after the conflict leagues in the game. Once the squads are divided into the leagues they are then ranked within those leagues based on their true skill points.

The CBS ranges are:
- Carbonite: 0 - 16,500
- Durasteel: 16,501 - 34,000
- Bronzium: 34,001 - 50,000
- Obsidian: 50,001 - 67,500
- Ultra Chrome: 67,501+
- The Sarlaac pit: Sandbagger squads are captured & confined here as they are slowly digested over thousands of years.

What does the “Ager” do?

The Ager is a program that helps constantly create churn in the rankings by making sure inactive squads are drawn back in the rankings. KSoD’s Ager assessed the penalty on the 7th day, and hit the squads sigma score with a 0.140 sigma penalty. The new Ager on GSoW is much fairer, while still assessing on the same amount of days, the first penalty will now only be 0.020.”
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